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Digital Asset Advisors (Da2) works with thought leaders, futurists, capital sources and entrepreneurs develop new revenue streams and business models with best of breed partners and solutions in technology, finance and design.


Da2 delivers a full web3 strategic plan. From ideation sessions involving top executives and content strategists to financials, valuation support, business and revenue model advisory. In our final stages we deliver a strategic plan and bring in the resources to execute. 

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Web3 Strategy

Education, training and ideation sessions are held with executive management, content creators and technology advisors. Financial modeling and valuation analysis is conducted. Data and examples are provided. The deliverable is a Web3 Strategic Plan.

Video Game Developers

Web3 Development

Utilizing experienced teams in web3 development, blockchain, content delivery and marketing, the team is assembled to deliver on the the web3 strategic plan. Our teams include some of the most successful projects in blockchain, web3 gaming and content distribution.

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Da2 delivers the selected team members to deliver on the design and development of your web3 strategy. We work with top marketers and producers to ensure the best success for your project. We also dial-in on the financials, capital raising and business development advisory as part of approach to drive value.  

Funding Partner

Our funding partner Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) is a driver in the web3 ecosystem. The investment team at ASC provide funding for pre-seed and seed financing for blockchain and web3 projects. 

Active Investing in the Blockchain Economy.™
Alpha Sigma Capital is a pioneering digital asset fund focused on the blockchain economy and the shift to a decentralized Web3 infrastructure. Alpha Sigma Capital invests in companies and decentralized projects that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide demonstrable change and efficiency in financial services, artificial intelligence, supply chain, gaming, healthcare technology, and ESG. Alpha Sigma Capital works closely with its founders to drive value and create outsized returns. The Fund’s research team is well known for its in-depth research and distinct analysis of growing blockchain companies.  
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Seth Shapiro, Founder and Managing Partner

Seth Shapiro is a two-time Emmy® Award winner and a long-time leader at the intersection of media, technology and finance.  Mr. Shapiro has worked with partners including AT&T, Betfair, Comcast, DIRECTV, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Intel, IPG, IBM, NBC, Telstra, Turner, Universal and Warner Bros on projects involving new platforms, digital economies, games, television, music and print.

Mr. Shapiro is  currently Managing Partner of Da2: Digital Asset Advisors LLC, Founding Chair of the Web3 Advisory Council at the National Association of Broadcasters and Principal at New Amsterdam Media. He was previously a Governor at the Television Academy (home of the Emmys) and a member of its Executive Committee; an Adjunct Professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts; Head of Interactive Production at DIRECTV; Senior Games Producer at the Walt Disney Company; and a Consulting Expert in major media cases before both the Department of Justice and the FCC. 

A trained equity options trader, he was an early advocate of blockchain in media and is an Advisor to Alpha Sigma Capital, Vivid Labs, International Art Machine and RairTech. He sits on the Advisory Boards of  the Infinity Festival Los Angeles,  the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska, and the Steering Committee of the Texas Immersive Institute at Moody College of Communication, University of Texas-Austin.


Enzo Villani, Co-Founder

Enzo Villani is a serial entrepreneur and strategist for Fortune 500 companies, startups, private equity funds, and web3 companies. Enzo holds several advisory and board positions including Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Sigma Capital, Chairman and CEO of Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp (BMAQ), Chairman of Wire.Network, and co-founder of Digital Assets Advisors (“Da2”). 

Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) has realized 11 unicorns since its inception in January 2020. ASC is a multi-strategy investment fund focused on emerging blockchain companies that are successfully building their user-base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems, and moving blockchain technology towards mass adoption. ASC is focused on companies leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, AI, supply chain, and healthcare. Enzo has raised $600M in his career as a corporate strategist and M&A entrepreneur. Enzo is also the Chairman and CEO of Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp (BMAC), a special purpose acquisition corporation listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbols BMAQU, BMAQ, BMAQW, BMAQR. BMAC raised $115M in its IPO and recently signed a definitive agreement to merge with DLTx, a web3 infrastructure company. 

In the blockchain industry, Enzo was Chief Strategy Officer of Transform Group. Transform Group represented the launch of over 37% of the alt-coin market capitalization by 2019. He is the co-founder of Blockchain Wire and was the head of international strategy and innovation at OKEx. Mr. Villani has over twenty-year of experience as a chief strategist to Fortune 500 companies, private equity, and venture capital firms. Enzo was co-founder of Nasdaq Global Corporate Solutions, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of DF King Worldwide, and two strategic M&A consolidations focused in the areas of market intelligence, investor relations, proxy solicitation, corporate governance, and financial technology. Mr. Villani was key in consolidating over fifteen companies across 4 continents representing over 5,000 public company clients including the Nasdaq 100, DJIA, and FTSE 50. Enzo holds an MBA from The Johnson School at Cornell University.

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